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A Breakdown of Halloween Accessories

A Breakdown of Halloween Accessories

Too many of my friends have drowned beneath tidal waves of Halloween accessories. They go out and end up buying everything under the sun – makeup, lipstick, nail polish, gloss, eyeshadow, and so forth. Unless you’re a professional makeup artist, take your time delving into the realm of Halloween accessories, because taking on too much at once can overburden the experience. Instead, here are some tips on how to purchase and appreciate accessories.


Start with a focal point, such as a wound or artistic design. Starting with a base coat of makeup makes the process much more difficult because you then add a design on top of the makeup. The focal point of a wound, for example, allows for the base coat to blend the wound into the skin. Here find more Best Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas 2017

halloween-makeup-1 halloween-makeup-5 halloween-makeup-4 halloween-makeup-3 halloween-makeup-2 halloween-makeup-1


Every color is game for Halloween. Do you want neon lips? Go for it. Purple electricity? Throw it on. The important thing is matching that color to the rest of your outfit. Think about the overall image, not just the lips. Of course, Halloween allows for extreme color differentials, too, which is always a blast. Hell, just do whatever you want!

halloween-lipstick-ideas-1 halloween-lipstick-ideas-2 halloween-lipstick-ideas-5 halloween-lipstick-ideas-4 halloween-lipstick-ideas-3


Similar to lipstick, Halloween offers a wider range of hair styles and products. If you are going as a wild witch, let your hair reflect that personality. Tease it up and make it larger than life. Everything comes back to the image you want to display.

halloween-hairstyles-5 halloween-hairstyles-4 halloween-hairstyles-3 halloween-hairstyles-2 halloween-hairstyles-1

Costume Accessories

A plain outfit is boring and relatively uncreative. In my opinion, you need accessories to really bring out the personality of the outfit. Like layers for any other outfit, accessories give the costume some texture and visual effects. A necklace, for example, directs the eyes from the neck down to the top of the Halloween costume. Use these accessories to guide a viewer’s attention.

halloween-costume-accessories-4 halloween-costume-accessories-3 halloween-costume-accessories-2 halloween-costume-accessories-1 halloween-costume-accessories-1

Think of Halloween accessories as the actual fun of wearing a costume, because anyone can wear a costume, but a true woman knows how to accessorize that outfit. Have a blast and experiment with a bunch of accessories. Plus, these accessories help you to stand out in a crowd. If everyone is wearing plain costumes, you’ll be the creative Phoenix burning at the center of attention.

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