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Halloween Costumes Come Down to Comfort

Halloween Costumes Come Down to Comfort

Ladies, Halloween is all about having fun, but there’s a point of no return. Specifically, when do you stop caring about your looks and start caring about your comfort beneath the costume?

Here’s when: always.

Halloween costumes make you look good –eye-candy, if you will – but never sacrifice your satisfaction for an extra kick of attraction. Fabric stuck deep into the skin or a dress two sizes too small will kill any and all appreciation for the evening. Instead, find an outfit that complements your image without causing mental stress.

But the women I talk to ask the same question: How do you know which costume is right? And I always tell them, “The one that fits.” It’s a simple answer that speaks to the heart of the topic. Instead of focusing on how the costume looks on you, focus on how you feel.

If you feel comfortable in a Halloween costume, you focus on the night ahead, not the costume at hand. Your attention is spent looking forward, on the party or trick-or-treating or whatever that is planned for the evening.

Tips for finding comfort:

Use your own accessories

There is no reason for you to buy a ton of expensive one-use accessories just for Halloween. Instead, scrounge around for things you have lying around the house. Use your own stockings and skirts and shirts and shoes, and then buy the few Halloween pieces that are more complicated than regular clothes.

Focus on the fabric

There is nothing worse than wearing a nasty bit of mesh, the kind that digs into the skin and leaves lines long after you take it off. Snag a quality costume that keeps it tight enough to hug the body, but loose enough to move. After all, you can’t dance in a tight-enough-to-kill dress.

Balance a budget

This tip is less about the outfit’s comfort and more about your mental comfort. Wearing a dress worth the same as your month’s rent bill is going to cause all sorts of stress. Find a store that offers loads of Halloween discounts, somewhere that scrounges the Internet for the lowest prices. There is no need for excess stress while enjoying Halloween.

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