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Mystical Fairy Halloween Costumes

Mystical Fairy Halloween Costumes

Fairy costumes are an all-time favorite. From Tinkerbell to the Tooth Fairy, fairies have always been quite popular. After all, they are the perfect combination of mystical, feminine, and pretty. Others are a bit dark or even funny. And, of course, fairies can definitely have a great sex appeal. So, why not try a fairy Halloween costume this year? You’ll definitely have a night to remember.

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Light-up fairy costumes are a fun twist on this classic favorite. The Light-Up Coral Fairy Child Costume is pink and aqua; the skirt has shimmery blue lights. The costume includes dainty wings and looks great with the Gold Jewel Slippers. There are also several light-up costumes for adults, including the Brite Sprite Adult Costume and the Blue Butterfly Beauty Adult Costume. Both costumes come with matching wings and look great with Eyelashes with Silver Glitter. Of course, you also need shoes. The Starlight Adult Shoes come in silver or gold and include sequined stars!

Neverland-Fairy-Adult-Costume-5-717x1024 Neverland-Fairy-Adult-Costume-4 Neverland-Fairy-Adult-Costume-3-1024x1024 Neverland-Fairy-Adult-Costume-2 Neverland-Fairy-Adult-Costume-1-1024x1024

Tinkerbell is a favorite costume for Disney fans. The Neverland Fairy Costume comes in sizes for children and adults. It includes a green velvet dress, wings, and wand. The Tinker Adult Shoes are a great add-on. These green flats have a white puff on the end and are perfect if you plan to spend the night walking or dancing. The Tink And The Lost Treasures Classic Toddler/Child Costume is another great option. This costume has a Tinker Bell printed on the bodice and looks like what you see in the movies. The Glitter Make-Up kit is a sure way to make your little one sparkle. It includes a makeup palette, glitter gel, and jewels.

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Sexy fairy costumes are a fun way to show off some leg. The Fantasy Butterfly Adult Costume comes in a vibrant orange with monarch wings. The corseted halter-top is sure to please. Just add black thigh-highs and heels. The Sexy Eden Mary Janes match this costume perfectly. These black platforms have a 5” heel! The Meadow Fairy Adult Costume is equally sexy, but a bit less bright. This blue and green costume looks great with small wings, such as the Iridescent Pixie Wings.

Mystic-Wings-Adult-halloween-costumes-1 Mystic-Wings-Adult-halloween-costumes-5 Mystic-Wings-Adult-halloween-costumes-4 Mystic-Wings-Adult-halloween-costumes-3 Mystic-Wings-Adult-halloween-costumes-2-778x1024

Fairy Costumes look magical with the right accessories. There are some great wings that can be added to your favorite dress or added to costumes that don’t include wings. The Mystic Wings are one great option. They are black with glittery pink trim and swirls. They are perfect if you want a gothic look. The Candy Corn Wings have a cute, innocent look and are great for little kids. Complete the look with the Fairy Pouch. It is a perfect place to store your fairy dust—or some lip gloss and a cell phone!

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