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Pirate Halloween Costume Ideas 2017

Pirate Halloween Costume Ideas 2017

Pirates of the Caribbean featured some stellar actors with great bodies. Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly both did fantastic work, but they couldn’t have done it without Captain Jack Sparrow, played by the multi-talented Johnny Depp. This year you can pretend to be Captain Jack yourself in a Pirate Halloween Costume Ideas 2017. If you’d rather avoid the Disney’s Pirate craze, we have some other great costumes just for you.

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Both children and adults can dress up as Captain Jack. His signature hat comes in two sizes, so no one will be left out. Don’t forget the Jack Sparrow Headband with Hair. Few can do naturally, and if you do, you really ought to get a haircut come November 1st. Most importantly, make sure you can defend your lady with Jack’s Sword and Scabbard.

The Elizabeth Swan costume is perfect for teens and adults. It comes with all the necessary Halloween accessories: a shirt, vest, pants, boot covers, and hat. Add a long brunette wig if you’d like. Now, the tough part: would you rather steal a Halloween kiss from Jack or Will?

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Yes, I suppose everyone doesn’t have to wear a Disney Pirate Halloween Costume Ideas. The Pirate Wench Halter Dress Adult Costume is super cute. It comes with a red, white, and black corseted dress. With fishnets and sexy boots, I’m sure you’ll be the prettiest thing aboard the Pearl. If you’d prefer a more traditional look, the Pirate Wench Adult Costume comes with a drop sleeve blouse, corset, and striped pirate skirt. Either way, I’m sure you can get the captain’s attention with little effort.

Men, let’s dress you up as the captain your partner has been fantasizing about. The Captain Black Heart Pirate Adult Costume is a great choice with its long coat and deep red hat. Boot Tops complete the look nicely and are guaranteed to look better than your flip-flops or Nikes.

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If you’d rather not worry about additional accessories, the High Seas Pirate Man Adult Costume is your best bet. A shirt, vest, bandana, belt, boot tops, and hat are all included. Getting a Pirate Halloween Costume Ideasrealdon’tn’t get any simpler than that.

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Perhaps your little kiddie wants to be a pirate too? No problem. We’ve got the Pirate Petite Childs Costume for toddlers. This costume includes a striped dress and bandana. Little guys can give the El Captain Toddler/Child Costume a go. The best part of the costume doesn’t have to be purchased separately—a black skull and crossbones hat is included! Older girls have plenty of options too, ranging from sassy and sexy, to devoted member of the crew.

Have fun in your Pirate Halloween Costume Ideas 2017 and please try not to capsize your ship. I don’t think the captain would be very pleased…

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