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Tips For A Safe Halloween Night

Tips For A Safe Halloween Night

There’s nothing more fun than gathering up some friends and hitting the town for Halloween. But if you head out for the evening, make sure you’re safe. There’s nothing worse than having your evening cut short by some unforeseen factor.

To keep you strutting and smiling all night, here’s a list of tips that have helped me throughout the years. If you want to recommend one of your own, drop a comment at the bottom. I’m always looking for new ones.

1. Shoes


There is nothing worse than wearing the wrong shoes for the night. Sure, you may not notice it for the first hour or so, but you will definitely feel it the next day when the blisters form. Find a pair of shoes that feel comfortable, because there is nothing worse than being the straggler whose shoes hurt too much to walk.

2. The Route


Whether you’re heading to a party or trick-or-treating, plan a route. Know where you’re going and how you’re getting there, and then know how you’re getting back. If you have a route from A to B, you won’t find yourself lost somewhere near D, and who knows where that leads you? Take precautions and you’ll lower the odds running into any danger.

3. Friends


Going anywhere alone increases the odds of something unsafe happening to you. Instead, gather up some friends and make a posse out of the evening. You and your friends shield each other from any vultures looking for a prey. Plus, what’s more fun than spending Halloween with your friends?

4. Drinks


This is general party etiquette, but always keep an eye on your drink. Never leave it somewhere and then wander back to it hours later. You may imagine that it will never happen to you, but it’s always better to be safe. Keep that drink in your hand and the night will chug along nicely.

5. Contacts


Before you go anywhere, tell your plans to a friend. Let someone know where you plan on going and when to expect you back. If you end up staying out later than expected, at least someone knows about it and you’re not stuck back at location D. (Seriously, no one likes location D.)

So there you have it, my fellow females: a quick list on how to stay safe for Halloween. They’re not perfect, but they’ve helped me stay safe over the years. Again, if you have one you want to share, let me know!

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